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Sensory Development Games

Sensory development is, quite simply, the development of our senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. To develop these, children need to explore the world around them and challenge their senses with new and exciting experiences. But, this can sometimes be a little bit dangerous, so we have prepared a list of great games for you and your kids to play at home to further their sensory skills.

Here are two games to consider:

1. Rainbow Slime

Having this in your house regularly offers your children a great source of fun and gives them room to explore their senses freely and frequently.

What you’ll Need:

A) Old Newspaper
B) Plastic Sandwich Bag
C) 1 Cup of Corn Starch
D) Food colouring
E) ¼ Cup of Water
F) Glitter


Pour 1 cup of corn starch into the plastic sandwich bag with a ¼ cup of water (slowly). Add a few drops of food colouring and healthy pinches of glitter. Press the air out of the sandwich bag (holding your ingredients safely), mix it all up thoroughly and play!

2. Colour Search

A great, simple way to train your kids eyes from a young age.


A) Noodles
B) Food colouring

Once you have cooked your noodles, let them cool and then separate them into 6 different plastic bags that you can seal (Zip Loc). Add a splash of vinegar and about 10 drops of your desired food colouring. Then shake and squish the noodles until they are well covered, allow them to rest for an hour and then pat them dry and leave them to rest until the colouring is dry.

Now hang the noodles up (or just place them) at different distances and ask you kids to identify the different colours they can see – rewarding them with a treat whenever they get the colour right.

This may seem very simple, but it will start to train your children to pay attention to detail and focus when they have a tough task to complete.


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