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Fine Tuning Young Motor Skills

Refining fine motor skills can take quite a long time. Think about it, you have been doing so your entire life. And to give your kids a head start, we have scoured the Internet for the two best games for them to play to improve their fine motor skills as fast as possible.

Read on for two tremendous games to improve fine motor skills:

1. The Imagination Tree

A) Dough
B) Odds and ends (sticks, Lego pieces, dry pasta, etc.)

With your child, make a large batch of dough and collect as many odds and ends as possible – these will be what you use to build your imagination tree. Once the dough is ready, take those odds and ends and ask your child to use them to build a magical world, with a big tree in the middle of it.

This game helps children learn to think about how they can use empty space, while practicing their fine motor skills to create a wonderful world of fun.

2. Commander Colander

A) Pipe Cleaners
B) A colander

A great game on a cold day, Commander Colander helps to improve a kid’s really fine motoring skills (especially hand-eye coordination), because it asks them to carefully slide the pipe cleaners into very small holes repeatedly. To play, tell your child that the colander is a helmet, and all of the holes in it need to be fixed for them to be safe while they wear it. Then, have him or her ‘repair’ the colander with the pipe cleaners.



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