Games for Bigger Children

Development games for 1-year-olds and up

Once your child has developed into a strong and agile 1-year-old, and started to stack, bang, and place objects all over the place, it’s time to introduce him or her to few new games. They can now engage at a higher intellectual level and you will need to make sure they practice to perfect growing up. Here are a few ways to teach them while you play.

1 – 2 Years old:

Sticky Feet is a fantastically fun game for you and your child to play together. Cut out approximately 2 feet of clear contact paper, removing the backing and tape the contact paper, sticky side up, to the floor. Put your toddler on the paper and let them run around, dance and go wild to the wonderful feeling and sound of their fun.

Batting Balloon is another classic game that all children love, that teaches them the basics of hitting a ball, and hand-eye co-ordination. To play, blow up three or four balloons and hit them around with empty paper-towel rolls. They might struggle at first, but the minute they learn to read the flight of the balloon you will permanently be playing this game.

2 – 3 Years old:

Jungle Walk is a cool, and contagious game involving a rhyme and mime! Pick an animal and say, “Walking through the jungle, what did I see?” Then add in an animal: “A big lion roaring, at me, me, me,” and mimic the sound the animal would make. You can switch up the animals and really teach your child all kinds of different animals and sounds.

For kids that can’t quite get the hang of going to bed on time, Bedtime Magic is a great game. Create a short and simple sequence for your child to learn and tell them that it’s an ancient trick that makes them dream of their favourite thing. Then practice this routine until your child gets into bed expecting it, and they will always fall asleep with ease.

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