Serving Up Healthy Self-Esteem

5 Tips to Grow your Youngster’s Character.

Something all parents need to bear in mind is a child’s self-esteem during their formative years. When young, children are still learning who they are, what they like, and why they think the way they do. Making it important for parents to nurture their confidence and help them develop a well- balanced sense of self. Here are five ways to ensure your child’s self-esteem is super!

  1. Be Clear About your Personal Values at Home. 
    Tell your children exactly what you will and won’t stand for, and reward them for good behaviour. Values are ‘behavioural boundaries’, which children can either fight against or accept. They create the moral backbone of your home, and make it much easier for kids to grow up in a defined direction.
  2. Be a Positive Role Model.
    Showing respect to your spouse, children and other family members is a very useful tool in sculpting a young mind. As children grow they absorb a lot that is said and done to those around them. So, make sure you treat people as you want to be treated to help your child grow up feeling respected and respecting others.
  3. Eat at Least One Meal Together Every Day.
    The dinner table is often where life’s lessons are taught and family politics are settled. It’s for you to engage your children in daily conversation and publicly acknowledge their good traits. Be interested in their ideas and support each other as a family to increase your child’s sense of self-worth and self- confidence.
  4. Offer Constructive Criticism.
    Whether it’s a bad grade, losing an important game, or fighting with a friend, life sometimes leads to a sore soul and a heavy heart. When this happens, be positive and optimistic about your youngster’s immediate future. Your child will learn to be more resilient and stay upbeat when something bad happens.
  5. Be Spontaneous and Affectionate!
    Love is the easiest way to boost self-esteem. It makes children feel safe, special and confid Hug and have fun with you children as often as you can to make sure they understand how special they are to you– even when they’re naughty. Just don’t overdo it; you don’t want your child to have a superiority complex.

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