Developing Children’s Social Skills

In this day and age it is very important for your child to have good social skills. From meeting other children and maintaining friendships to dealing with uncomfortable situations, a child with good social skills will go much further than one without.

It gives kids the confidence to be themselves and express their thoughts and emotions in the right way. As well as understand a problem and help others go through a difficult time.

Here are a few tips to teach your child good social skills.

Empathy Education:
Ask your child how they would react to different scenarios, and then talk about what they think is best. By asking your child you put them at the centre of the discussion, which makes it much easier to teach them how other people might feel when certain things happen.

Explain Personal Space:
Personal space is very important. It is something that people only invite you into when they feel comfortable around you, and children who do not understand that can really get under someone’s skin.

When your child is around your friends, encourage them to interact as much as possible. They will learn a lot more about how to behave by coming into contact with those that already do.

The Power of Playtime:
Playtime is the perfect place to teach children social skills, and where they learn the most. Learning to wait your turn, apologising, asking permission, reacting the right way and respecting people’s decisions are all lessons learnt during playtime. Make sure your kids play!

The Rules of Conversation:
A hard lesson for some children to learn is the proper way to start a conversation. And a fantastic way to practice this skill is with role play.

Set up a few situations (getting someone’s attention or joining a social situation) for your child to practice starting a conversation and challenge them to keep the chat going. They will struggle at first, but you will see a huge difference in their confidence by the end of it. Plus, you will have all new memories.

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