Choosing the Right Fats for your Family

As a mom, you naturally want to provide your family with the healthiest and tastiest food possible. But, when you’re short on time, a quick and easy meal is sometimes all you have time to make. These ‘quick and easy’ meals can be the home of unhealthy fats, and sadly, they can be quite bad for your family. So, to make it easier for you to identify the good fats from the bad, we’ve prepared a basic breakdown of what you should watch out for.

‘Good’ fats are otherwise known as unsaturated fats, often more like a liquid at room temperature. All these fats are good for your heart health. These fats are important for growth and development in our babies and children as well as in the general health and wellbeing of the whole family. Sources of good fats include olives, olive oil, avocado and almonds.

Bad fats include ‘trans fats’ or ‘saturated fats’. Saturated fats are mostly found from animal sources such as butter, lard, fatty meats, meat products like sausages and burgers, full-fat milk, cheese, pies and pastries. It is not necessary to cut these foods out completely, but it is a good idea to choose lower fat options where possible, to cut down on portion sizes or eat them less often. ‘Bad’ fats can raise your cholesterol level and put you and your kids at risk of developing heart disease.

Thankfully, Blue Band is a very good source of the daily essential nutrients a family needs, as it contains essential (good) fats and vital vitamins A, D and E.

So, when you’re preparing a meal, remember that not all fats are bad fats and every family needs a balanced diet to make the most of every day. Together we can grow healthy families that are full of life, energy and aspirations!


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